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Waiting for Daddy


((SOOOOO)) I had some time on my hands today and decided to spoil myself and go and get a new skin, Pink Fuel has made me so happy again with her Sora range, it slao made me decide to pull my TMP set out of my inventory and wear it around. I sure love the shape of the TMP is does make me happy. But here have a look at what I got upto while waiting for Daddy…


waiting for Daddy final resized

Skin: [PF] Sora <Alabaster> – Special Edition + Lipstick [mochi.milena]

Head: TheMeshProject – Soft [TheMeshProject]

Body: TheMeshProject – Deluxe [TheMeshProject]

Hair: Lovey Dovey :: Jenna :: Unicorn (Group Gift) [teeny.spot]

Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Sky + Dew [Ikon Innovia]


Shirt: R.icielli – TRISHA Mesh Top for TMP [vliet.troncon]

Shoes: {kokoia} :: Ginna :: Shoes :: Black :: [kokoia]

Stockings: Big Beautiful Doll – POISON Black [BigBeautifulDoll]

Necklace: ::AME:: Lian Collar Deluxe [Dylan Eun]

Pose: Exposeur – March 2015 Gift – Singles (Wear Me)

As always, Be safe out there




The Mesh Project…hmmm


So getting right back into this blogging thing I thought I would tackle one of the newest advances in SL, no longer so we need 5 different mesh attachments to get nicer boobies or bums now we buy full bodies and even heads to give us those prefect for us SL bodies. One of my OMG favorite store posted on her blog that she released a skin for theMeshProject Body and I was all about going to try it out. I did.

     Killi Blog Mesh Project 6

For the last approximately 2 hours I worked my way through the beautiful set up store, with its easy HUD set up and movement between areas to create your perfect high definition Avatar. But then I started having questions, not big hard questions, little ones like I put the foot shaper on what else do I have to do to my feet to get them into the different poses for the heels. I flailed around and worked it out myself but normally in this situation I would have just contacted a support group. Most everyone I know with boobies a butt even hands or feet have support group with a few good moderates and a whole pile of community based knowledge. Weather its how to get rid of neck seams or where the cutest new freebie is these communities add to the value of the products. That would be the biggest value to add to theMeshProject, because in reality there project is absolutely beautiful. The Mesh is fantastically made and completely smooth. I didn’t need to do anything around my neck it all just sat perfectly I couldn’t be happier, the floundering almost had me ready to throw it away. That being said there is a livehelp resident for people to get help, but with an upto 72 hour turn around those of us who like instant gratification, wont be getting it. The website: http://www.themeshproject.org/ does contain alot of helpful information and places to shop for clothing and skins. I think the creator should be congratulated on there work though and I did enjoy getting the compliments over and over about how good it looked. Killi Blog Mesh Project 5

Front View theMeshProject BodyKilli Blog Mesh Project 4

Side View theMeshProject Body

Killi Blog Mesh Project 2Killi Blog Mesh Project 3

If you cant tell by the above picture I took, the only alteration been to cut them out they where taken under a midday wind light and using high graphics that is it. that these faces and bodies are exceptionally and prefect for anything that can run a mesh capable view. As the products gets bigger like boobies and bums hopefully more and more of the creative genius in SL with be able to come out clothing and make up options. The last thing I want to add is be careful when you buy skins if you get the head as well as some people only make the bodies applier (this ended up costing me 1k and was so annoying). Also know that at the moment the price is what I would consider large for the set up costs, having returned to theMeshProject I bought one of there skins thinking I got all the tones a awesome bargain, but no I only got one tone so make sure you 100% happy and all sorted before you hit that buy button. You can find SLurls and Website listed below the Picture post along with everything that I used for this set up. xoxo

Killi Blog Mesh Project 1

Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Basic Body(f)

Head: TheMeshProject! (MeshHead)(f) ‘Classic’ (Basic)

Skin: THESKINSHOP (10) (SKIN) ‘Chanel’ (Toned)

Hands and Feet: TheMeshProject! Relaxed pose hands and Feet

Eyebrows: THESKINSHOP (10) (EYEBROWS) ‘Threaded’ (Black)

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Sea Green Shadow)

Make up: THESKINSHOP (10) (EYESHADOW) ‘Sparkle’ (Blanca) and THESKINSHOP (10) (LIPSTICK) ‘Glossy’ (Cool Reds)

Hair: Exile::Rising Dawn Naturals in Raven

Dress: The Shops! Freebie Dress

Shoes: The Shops! Freebie Pumps

Jewellery: EarthStones Laraine Necklace – Diamond Platinum

TheMeshProject is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Shops/128/128/1

Mayfly is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noul/201/135/651

Exile at Covet is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Shops/128/128/1

EarthStones is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Shops/128/128/1