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A Little Introduction


Well Hi there.

I’d like to introduce myself. New face to the blog.

I’m Aura. The little Brat Daddy likes to see.

I’m here to add a little spin on all things cute and squee worthy that you can find in Secondlife..

And to Bring my own little taste of spice.

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First post from me. Featuring an amazing designer Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz.

I just couldn’t resist when I saw it at Romp

Body: Maitreya – Lara. [Onyx Leshelle]

Hands: Slink – Elegant [Siddean Munro]

Skin: Infliction РMatilda (Milk) Head & Body Appliers [Asylum Miggins]

Head: Catwa – Gwen (Early Release – Limited Expressions) [Catwa Clip]

Hair: Doe – Foxy – Monotone [Helyanwe Vindaloo]

Panties & Bra: Dead Dollz – Satin Bra & Panties [Kiddo Oh] ~ Avaliable @ Romp

Crop: Maai – Riding Crop (Black) [Snow Wolfhunter]

Collar: Red Mint – Absolute Devotion Posture Collar [Moni Schulze]


The Fresh Fair…Are you ready? Here we go!




((SOOOOOO)) Here is it, my great grand adventure into the wardrobe of Fresh and boy o boy did I have a good time! I have used sooo many props, all bought or received from those wonderful creators that supplied ROMP with my favorite Fair to date. ((I been to Hair fair, so that says a lot)) The creators at Fresh where a very generous lot and it made to giggle and happy dance in joy seeing all the wonderful things. I want you to note that I used a based skin and shape for this Photo shoot as I had soooo much to get through so I am only gonna write it out once and then as we go down the pictures you can see all the cuteness and sucked me in :D. Alsoooo, geesh I am adding alot of O’s today, Everything featured is at the Fresh Fair which if you click Here, you can get the link to. All the other little things should have there normal inidivdual markers. I will warn you, this is a long, long, long post… there so much to get through please read through to the end and I hope you enjoy ūüėÄ

Fresh Fair Blog 6

Skin: -Glam Affair РAmberly II РAsia 01

Shape: [AlterEgo] maliyah v2 

Lips:[PF] Glossy Pout  Lipsticks Р<Deep>

Make-Up: .ARISE. Lolla Eyeshadow / Black

Nails: alaskametro‚̧ SLINK manicure applier – “Midnight”

Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes РNymph


Top: Wimey: Kane Corset in Black ~Fresh~

Stocking: BigBeautifulDoll РStockings Lady Black Sheer ~Fresh~

Hair: MINA РMilou РBlack [wear me] ~Fresh~

Collar: PEQE РNaud_FEMME ~Fresh~

Pose: Frogstar РBunny Boy Chair (Creamsicle) ~Fresh~

Art: The Hive РShades Wall Art ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 5

Shoes: .REIGN.– Mina Heels v2- Crimson

Visor: *~*HopScotch*~* Blindfold Visor ~Fresh~

Harness: Wimey: Inex Harness (Fresh Exclusive!) Black~Fresh~

Panties & Stocking: MAAI Basic lingerie * black

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Nathalia Р variety

Pose: Frogstar – Capture Me Bed (Deviant)~Fresh~

Art: [LJ] Bookends for Fresh and Plethora РKink Tray (For Her) ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 4

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Nathalia Р variety

Pose: Kuro – Metal bathtub (Adult) Black~Fresh~

Art: [LJ] Penitent Statues ~Fresh~

Build: [Fetch] Grawt Skybox ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 3

Harness:[Haste] Coy White ~Fresh~

Hair: Magika [01] Meadow

Pose: *AF* Vorkbeen Swing Adult (Wear Me)~Fresh~

Collar: *BOOM* Eternity Collar (silver/steel) open collar scripted ~Fresh~

Art: tarte. if u seek amy neon light Рpink ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 2

Top and Panites: Violent Seduction РSiccus Harness (Black) (unpacked) ~Fresh~

Hair: Magika [01] Visit

Mask: .storybook. РArmorous РBlack

Tail: Ama. : Floofy Plug Tails {boxed}

Pose: Stockholm&Lima: The Ballet Barre [bxd]~Fresh~

Collar: *BOOM* Eternity Collar (silver/steel) open collar scripted ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 1


Dress: *BOOM* Cafe Bijou Dress (pitch) ~Fresh~

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dasha Р variety

Cuffs: *BOOM* Fearless Wrist and Ankle Cuff Bangles (silver) ~Fresh~

Pose: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] ROMP Fresh РADULT Рall items ~Fresh~

Art: Royo

Fresh Fair Blog 18

Fresh Fair Blog 17

Fresh Fair Blog 16

Fresh Fair Blog 15

Fresh Fair Blog 7Fresh Fair Blog 14
Fresh Fair Blog 13

Fresh Fair Blog 12

Fresh Fair Blog 11

Fresh Fair Blog 10

Fresh Fair Blog 9

Fresh Fair Blog 8

So that it…thats all the prettiness….and there was so much prettiness…so much seductions and I just so so happy, all the furniture now has a place in my house and it just makes my happy…fresh i hope will be a monthly…o god I hope it will be and I will go a raiding every months…

Be Safe


Fresh Fair…Yeah we need to talk about this!


((SOOOOOO)) We need to talk, I know that I been gone over the holidays and not had much posted. But well today, that’s changing. I am part of a special group in SL, a group that sometimes means I get invited to attend Fairs and things before they open. So 2 Days ago a notice goes around, I can say I am not the best person about reading notices, but this one, oh yeah this one caught my Eye. It was Sent by a man named¬†Hephaesteon, that name in itself enough to catch my Eye, but this notice held one of my Buzz words…KINKSTER. So I raised an eyebrow and read the Notecard, It offered bloggers entry into a Fair, a Fair called Fresh. Alright I was willing, I was interested and about 3 hours prior to this post I went.




Now I don’t say this lightly, not at all when when I can walk into a sim and see that maybe on of my Favorite creators currently in SL (Surrealia, you and I are going to have words later <3) has put out a new product that she teased me with a few weeks ago, I see Clothes and furniture, and weapons of mass destru…wait not that sort of toy. I see boxes that start off as Dildos and Hot Dog gags. I know I am in the right place for me, and when I was trying to decide between a cricket bat paddle or a set of silver ankle and wrist cuffs I knew this was a special fair. There are heaps of fairs all year round in SL, this though wasn’t the normal dingy kinda repetitive usual sex fair that comes around. This place is awesome, People you need to check it out. There are Poses and Props, Collars and Cuffs, Furniture and Furr tails, there is so much for your imagination. I already recommended that all the staff at my club attend. There is literally something for everyone, please though remember this is an ADULT Fair, there is nudity and the like in pictures for ads all around then place, though to me I can them art, some people are prudes.

Fresh Final Poster (2015)

Now that I have told you how much I love it, be prepared. I shopped…I got given Blogger packs…I have a right royal time. So lets get on with it shall we?

Be Safe