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Danika Design Part 3 – Avatar Customization Service


((SOOOOOO)) I know I told you about Help Angels, and wonderful and fantabulous and brilliant they are. Well there is someone else in Danika Design that may just blow your mind, her name is Lacy Easterling. No shes not Dani, shes not a help Angel and no shes not free. Lacy does what hundreds of us probably wish they could do for hundreds of people across the grid. She helps make your Avatar exactly what you want it to be, Avatar Customization Service. She has her own store making things so this girls got some skills, Now shes completely surrounded by the beautiful skins and shapes of Danika Design. With this as your base she will take you all over the grid to different stores for hair, make-up, accessories and clothing so that you avi can be exactly what you want it to be. Her fee, which is 3000L, gives you alot of hours of help until you happy. She and I sat down in her office to have a chat about her service, since its the first I have seen offered in a store before anywhere.

Killi Blog DANIKA Lacy Office 3


This is where you will spend some of your consult time, a nice open office where you can get naked and try things on without worry about being cammed and with someone there to give you there honest opinion of what they think. The best thing about her is she give you what you want and not try to make your avi another cookie cutter of hundreds of other avis on the grid. Plus shes super nice and really helpful. Here are some of the questions I asked her on our little chat! (Me tryin to be like a real reporter like XD)

1. Whats you favorite thing about Danika?

My favorite thing about Danika ,if I had to pick just one would be the outfits . Danika Design has some of the most creative highly detailed Cosplay outfits I’ve seen. There is always a fun hud or extra added accessory that totally completes it .

2. Tell me about the Avatar Customization Service?

Avatar Makeovers involve using any one of our Girl Next Door Skins you own or choosing a new one that will suit your desired look better . I then create any avatar you wish . I’ve created many celebrity inspired shapes and even real life inspired shapes from photo’s . The idea is excellent , because it allows you to truly be unique . All shapes are copy and mod , you get the custom shape as well as the shape on our 3 Danika sizes . You also get an eye brow shaper and a photo taken in our photo studio if you want one . I also select a suitable hair and help you find other accessories to complete the look.

3. How much on average after your fee does it cost to be styled by you?

The standard fee is 3000L That includes everything i mentioned .

4. What new in the world of Danika?

Our Girl Next Door Skins are compatible with Themeshproject and Slink

5. What are your 5 favorite Danika things?

1]Okay my favorites , I really love the Scout II Troop leader with stripable skirt and cute beret with the naughty badge sash .
2]Lip Essentials Demure , includes many lips sticks with and without blush
3]Danimations My Teachers Desk , I really like the danimations and desks are they have unique animations and sounds . Very nice texture and detail.
4]Insolent Skin from Series 2 is my favorite youthful skin.
5]Bookworm schoolgirl outfit comes with hud for glasses and a get naughty desk with animations . A really cute outfit with lots of extras .

6. Is there anything else that you might want to add?

Danika Design always seems to be in touch with the latest trends and manages to keep up with SL’s changes . Danika is very innovative and continues impress me . I look forward to see what’s next and upcoming .

You should totally give Lacy a Try shes to delightful for words, and maybe help out yourself or someone you know with the gift that gets them laid in SL…wait whoops did I say that outloud XD. Should be the gift of being happy with every part of there avi! To get an appointment with her simply go in to Danika, pay you fee and she will be with you shortly. If you need help always the Angels are there to make it that bit better.

Be Safe



Danika Design Part 2 ~Furniture~


((SOOOOOO)) Its been a week since I gave you my fashion installment of the Danika Design Blog Series and today I want to talk about the furniture. Before I get into the awesomeness that is Danika design furniture I want to give you a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The NEW “dkE2” engine will be here soon, so ALL of the current line of FME beds are REDUCED by 2000L$ !. If that’s not enough for you buy it with a store gift card where you get a 2000L gift card for 1500L and you getting a super awesome wonderful deal on a truly remarkable piece of SL Furniture. Go on go get one or 2 or 5 and then come back and read the rest of the post its alright I totally understand: SLurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DANIKA/163/217/23.


Now that, that is taken care of let me tell you about these beds, sofas and more hardcore toys that Danika is brought into the market. The first thing you need to know about these beds there not your generic 1000 Animations that I found in the discount bucket on some closing animation store in the bad part of SL. No these really are top quality animations, that have both face animations and without, which is great depending on what you prefer to have (personally sometimes I refer to not have my avi screaming in pleasure just sayin’). Dani really took her time to set these bed up that are really wonderfully suited to the smaller (aka Average in Real Life) avatar and the giant males that roam the streets of SL. It one of the only engines that me in my 5 feet 9 inch avi (without shoes) very rarely have to adjust to make look great and on par with the rp matching the animations (for a para RPer this can actually be a god send on keeping you were you are in your roleplay, especially when you have partners that take 30 to 45 minutes to respond). These bed are loaded with great animations but not ridiculous amounts to the point you never use 90% of the menu, I have a 20000 animations bed and probably only use about 20 of the animations and use it mostly cause of all the customization options it has. but still there is over 250 animations that range for funny bed stuff to down and dirty humping. Which leads me into the second part of my Rant about Danika Beds, there so cute! No I mean like seriously cute, but not just cute beds. Shes got a diverse range of looks for a bed and all her furniture whether it is a cool loaf style black on white bed, or a grungy pink hot tub there sooo many options available and I am just talking about her current beds I will be so excited to see what happens when the NEW Series drops, and most likely take a couple of pieces home with me. For the longest time Dani supplied the 3 main pieces of sex furniture that anyone needs, Bed, Sofa and a hot tub. But in the last 6 months shes dropped 2 new items that had me giddy as a girl getting into the Arcade in the first 2 days. A Cross bar Frame and a Pole, both of which come in different finish options to suit you needs, are perfectly suited for the smaller avi and bigger avi and have some wonderfully more hardcore animations in them to enjoy. Don’t believe me take a look below at the pictures I featured, there you can see exactly how Danika can make exceptional beautiful pieces that are ready to go the distance with you and would you believe, the average prim count on one of these beds is just 11 prims, thats right a fully functional beautiful mesh bed for 11 prims. There just heaven!

Killi Blog DANIKA 7   Killi Blog DANIKA 4

Killi Blog DANIKA 3

Killi Blog DANIKA 2
Killi Blog DANIKA 1


Hehehe, so to cap this all off, Try Danika for furniture, you wont regret it. Not one tiny bit and to prove it, I will give out a 2000L gift card to Danika Design so you can purchase your own bed for the first person to correctly guess within 1 inch the heights of both Avi’s in this picture (I already gave you a hint on how tall I was :P). You have till the 10th of December SLT to get this NC to me and as I said first in with the correct answer is the winner. GOOD LUCK!

Be Safe


No. 1 – The Adults are talking right now…


So while as Cirque De Seraphim this week what should I come cross but this super cute circus, gothic, punkish dress with appliers for all you boobied ladies out there and I wanted to give it a sort of Cyber Punk Feel. Don’t know if I succeed but I think it looks pretty cool and defiantly not something you see everyday in the normal worlds of SL. I also picked up the new skin from AlterEgo this week and though I didn’t get to use it in this particular post keep your eyes out in the next day or 2. Last thing has anyone else noted that the badassry level of Truth hair has risen in the last few months, I alwyas loved Truth but this little gem here made me love them even more as I am not one for messy hair but this just worked.

Killi Blog CDS Fashion 1 Killi Blog CDS Fashion 2

Skin: .Birdy. Lana Skin ~Pure~ 

Shape: alterego I maliyah – Shape NEW!

Dress: [ Infliction ] Rosethorn – CA – Red/Black NEW! @ Cirque De Seraphim

Shoes: [ Infliction ] Legion Heels – Black NEW! @ Cirque De Seraphim

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Rogue –  variety in Black/Red NEW!

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Sea Green Shadow)


Piercings: .Pekka. Missy Ver2 Chest PIercing [BLACK]

Make-Up: *DANIKA* – Grungy Moods – Sexy Catseyes Eyeliner

Gun: D1-MTG P226 1.1