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I’m a little blue..


((SOOOOO)) There is a new round of Kawaii fair! and the theme this time is Sakura. I have to admit that everything is super cute, but I walked away feeling a little blue *giggles*.If you want to visit Kawaii which you totally should, it runs from the 15th of March till the 10th of April and follow the SLurl here.

Here I am… a little Blue

Blog Main.png


Skin: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Kim” Celtic (From Skin Fair)

Head: Catwa Annie Vampire

Body: Maitreya Lara

Feet: Slink Medium

Nails: alaskametro<3 SLINK manicure applier – “Deep Sea”

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lyric [1 side] [Boobs 2]

Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Sky + Dew

Dress: -Nomi-Miss Sakura blue b

Collar: -Nomi-Miss Sakura Necklace-B-Blue (Gatcha)

Thigh Harness: #EMPIRE – Heart Harness

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Marigold

Lipstick: {MUA} Lipstick – Deep CATWA

Handbag: Bens Boutique – Fiona Tote Bag – Texture Change

Pose: Exposeur – March 2015 Gift – Singles (Wear Me)

As always, if there is no link the items comes from the fair mentioned above. if any questions please feel free to IM me in world, Killingink Resident.






Daddy’s Little Princess.. From the Hentai Fair


Main Image.png((SOOOOO)) YAY Hentai fair is here and if I wasn’t fully supervised when I was there I may have come home several thousand lindens poorer than normal. But I had a lot of fun there that is for sure, was a great way to come back to SL after losing my computer for 3 weeks for burning out a cooling system and graphics card -.-.

The other thing is that I am truly now learning how to edit my pictures myself and add shadows and everything. Also I found this gorgeous new skin from WOW that is Catwa head workable, so I am super happy with that. So enjoy my first attempts at this in Daddy’s Princess.


Skin: ::WOW:: V2 Nina Milk

Head: Catwa Annie Vampire

Body: Maitreya Lara

Feet: Slink High

Nails: alaskametro<3 SLINK manicure applier – “Blossom”

Hair: Magika Sparkle [1]

Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Nymph

Dress: ALTAIR* maid dress .pink. -maitreya fitmesh-

Collar: Pixel Geek – Kitten choker

Cuffs: Pixel Geek – Bow

Tiara: EarthStones Fleur Grand Tiara – White Diamond

The dress and everything not hyper linked already came from the Hentai Fair which you can get to by clicking the link here.




It’s time to come back… Again.

It’s time to come back… Again.

(((SOOOOO))) For the last year I have been busy in SL working on my linden balance to go overseas, a mission which I happily achieved. Now that I am back home though I decided it was time to get back into doing the things I love in SL and well for me that meant my House, My Breedables and My Blogging. So here I am again, coupling up with an awesome Photographer called Kaz Svenson (Kazenki) , who officially become the Man when it comes to making my stuff look awesome.

So where do I begin, Well there is a new exclusive fair that just opened up in SL. Project Limited which has some very, very good creators making some very, very exclusive items that you can only snap up now. It’s open till the 25th right Project Limited . So jump on those TPs and go and have a look. I went there looking for 1 thing, which I got. Alterego brand new skin, her next generation skins are all coming out in new tones and as always she has all appliers for all your bits and bobs(Including Omega and TMP heads). Go and check it all out though, without further adieu I give you.

It’s just another black sort of Day.

Blog Post 1

Skin: alterego I jolie chai skin suite

Head: Catwa Annie Vampire

Body: Maitreya Lara

Hands: Slink Casual

Nails: alaskametro<3 metallic pack nail polish – Classics/Gold Glitter Ombre Red

Watch: Mesh_Men’s Watch P (This Watch is Scripted for my ::Mused:: System)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ishya –  variety in the Black

Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Nymph

Top: Blueberry – Miki – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Essentials

Pants: Blueberry – Denise – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Black

Tattoos: .Things. – Incarceron Tattoo

Make-Up: From the Catwa HUD

Photo by Kaz, Custom made pose, on Location at Canton

Be Safe



The Fresh Fair…Are you ready? Here we go!




((SOOOOOO)) Here is it, my great grand adventure into the wardrobe of Fresh and boy o boy did I have a good time! I have used sooo many props, all bought or received from those wonderful creators that supplied ROMP with my favorite Fair to date. ((I been to Hair fair, so that says a lot)) The creators at Fresh where a very generous lot and it made to giggle and happy dance in joy seeing all the wonderful things. I want you to note that I used a based skin and shape for this Photo shoot as I had soooo much to get through so I am only gonna write it out once and then as we go down the pictures you can see all the cuteness and sucked me in :D. Alsoooo, geesh I am adding alot of O’s today, Everything featured is at the Fresh Fair which if you click Here, you can get the link to. All the other little things should have there normal inidivdual markers. I will warn you, this is a long, long, long post… there so much to get through please read through to the end and I hope you enjoy 😀

Fresh Fair Blog 6

Skin: -Glam Affair – Amberly II – Asia 01

Shape: [AlterEgo] maliyah v2 

Lips:[PF] Glossy Pout  Lipsticks – <Deep>

Make-Up: .ARISE. Lolla Eyeshadow / Black

Nails: alaskametro❤ SLINK manicure applier – “Midnight”

Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes – Nymph


Top: Wimey: Kane Corset in Black ~Fresh~

Stocking: BigBeautifulDoll – Stockings Lady Black Sheer ~Fresh~

Hair: MINA – Milou – Black [wear me] ~Fresh~

Collar: PEQE – Naud_FEMME ~Fresh~

Pose: Frogstar – Bunny Boy Chair (Creamsicle) ~Fresh~

Art: The Hive – Shades Wall Art ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 5

Shoes: .REIGN.– Mina Heels v2- Crimson

Visor: *~*HopScotch*~* Blindfold Visor ~Fresh~

Harness: Wimey: Inex Harness (Fresh Exclusive!) Black~Fresh~

Panties & Stocking: MAAI Basic lingerie * black

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Nathalia –  variety

Pose: Frogstar – Capture Me Bed (Deviant)~Fresh~

Art: [LJ] Bookends for Fresh and Plethora – Kink Tray (For Her) ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 4

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Nathalia –  variety

Pose: Kuro – Metal bathtub (Adult) Black~Fresh~

Art: [LJ] Penitent Statues ~Fresh~

Build: [Fetch] Grawt Skybox ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 3

Harness:[Haste] Coy White ~Fresh~

Hair: Magika [01] Meadow

Pose: *AF* Vorkbeen Swing Adult (Wear Me)~Fresh~

Collar: *BOOM* Eternity Collar (silver/steel) open collar scripted ~Fresh~

Art: tarte. if u seek amy neon light – pink ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 2

Top and Panites: Violent Seduction – Siccus Harness (Black) (unpacked) ~Fresh~

Hair: Magika [01] Visit

Mask: .storybook. – Armorous – Black

Tail: Ama. : Floofy Plug Tails {boxed}

Pose: Stockholm&Lima: The Ballet Barre [bxd]~Fresh~

Collar: *BOOM* Eternity Collar (silver/steel) open collar scripted ~Fresh~

Fresh Fair Blog 1


Dress: *BOOM* Cafe Bijou Dress (pitch) ~Fresh~

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dasha –  variety

Cuffs: *BOOM* Fearless Wrist and Ankle Cuff Bangles (silver) ~Fresh~

Pose: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] ROMP Fresh – ADULT – all items ~Fresh~

Art: Royo

Fresh Fair Blog 18

Fresh Fair Blog 17

Fresh Fair Blog 16

Fresh Fair Blog 15

Fresh Fair Blog 7Fresh Fair Blog 14
Fresh Fair Blog 13

Fresh Fair Blog 12

Fresh Fair Blog 11

Fresh Fair Blog 10

Fresh Fair Blog 9

Fresh Fair Blog 8

So that it…thats all the prettiness….and there was so much prettiness…so much seductions and I just so so happy, all the furniture now has a place in my house and it just makes my happy…fresh i hope will be a monthly…o god I hope it will be and I will go a raiding every months…

Be Safe


No. 9 From my Newest Sponsor!


((SOOOOOO)) I was searching the internet on ways to improve my pictures in sl, something to make them more creative and a good friend of mine reminded me of a picture I took of one of his Avi’s a long time ago. It reminded me how background when done right can give a picture real creative flare and something that brings an idea into a space of more recognition. So I decided to play with that idea, coupled with the fact I got this awesome new body suit and legging from alaskametro<3, for the current round of anyBODY. Now yes I did Photoshop alot more than I usually do, but underneath you will see my up close pictures as per usual. I am using my Slink Physique Mesh Body, hands and flat feet that feature in alot of my posts. Thats how I came up with, The Ghost in my house Dances…

Killi Blog Asa 1a

Skin/Shape: [AlterEgo] mayumi – honey ~NEW~

Suit: alaskametro<3 “Valena” velvet bodysuit ~@ anyBODY~

Leggings: alaskametro<3 “Nikki” stirrup leggings ~ @ anyBODY~

Hair: Truth – Posy Variety Black

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Absinthe Shadow)

Shoes: *Muka* Ballet Flats Purple

Nail Polish: beauty by alaskametro SLINK manicure applier – “Blossom”

Pose: *AMIMATION* Ballet Pose_034

 Killi Blog Asa 1c

Killi Blog Asa 1b

Tell me what you think of this new look!

Be Safe!


No. 8 LOTD – Something from the Arcade


((SOOOOOO)) This months Arcade blew my tiny little mind with all the absolutely brilliant things that where on offer, my Linden balance suffered under the stress of all the cuteness (lets just say that I made a little cash in SL its all gone now, bye bye lindens). Then the fun really began when it was time to get trading and selling my doubles and things to get full sets of the things I adore and a trip to *iconic* didn’t help, not one bit. Anyway in the joys of trade there was this super cute study set in rainbow I just had to have and I got every piece except of course for the rare’s, and for days and days it seemed like no one had found the coveted items. Till a Lady linked her trading list and she wanted 2 things desperately that I hadnt placed on mine at all, but I had. A quick chat and she had the rares I wanted and I agreed to trade, But what I was giving her I wanted to blog first. I never taken pictures in SL so fast. 10 minutes from start to go and I was done and dusted, but here is the cute little coat that I just couldn’t say goodbye to to fast.

Killi Blog LOTD 3c

Killi Blog LOTD 3b



Skin/Shape: [AlterEgo] Maliyah – Carmel

Dress/Shoes/Scarf/Ear Muffs: Foxes – Woodland Wonderland – Full White Set Xs [box] RARE ~The Arcade~

Hair: Magika [01] Now

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Persian Blue)

Make-Up: [ae] maliyah – lipstick – 10/10

Kitty: Foxes – Woodland Wonderland – Kitten [box]  RARE ~The Arcade~

Nail Polish: beauty by alaskametro SLINK manicure applier – “Candy Apple”

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack Gift 4

Killi Blog LOTD 3a

And this is the cute little set that I traded them for, Tell me what you think. Did I get a good deal, With all the renovations at my house currently looks like I will be soon posting some more pictures and you can all tell me what you think of my place!

Killi Blog LOTD 3d


[RI] Gacha at ~The Arcade~

Be Safe


No. 7 The Walk of Shame


((SOOOOO)) Today I got the new pack from Loordes of London and had a look at the specialness inside, the Fr*Friday things for this week are these awesome strappy shoes made for your slink mid feet and this cute little eagle emblem clutch bag. It all started from there, I was in a little bit of a naughty mood so I paired them up with a cute bare backed, corset shirt from SF and a skirt from Blueberry and it all just came together so nicely! Take a look and tell me what you think of my long walk home 😀

Killi Blog LL 1d

Killi Blog LL 1b

Skin/Shape: [AlterEgo] Maliyah – Carmel

Shirt: *+S.F.+* -eternal chic- Bluse Black

Skirt:Blueberry – Bisquit – Zipped & Strapped Skirts

Panties: MUSCHI Panties Down – Black

Hair: Truth – Posy Variety Black

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Absinthe Shadow)

Clutch: Loordes of London-The Defiance-#10

Shoes: Loordes of London-Messina Heels-#25

Skinned knees: [E.F] Knees ‘N Band Aids

Nail Polish: beauty by alaskametro SLINK manicure applier – “Midnight”

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack Gift 4



Killi Blog LL 1a


Killi Blog LL 1c

Hope you liked my little touch of naughty post…now the question is: How did my knees end up like that 😛

Be Safe