This is me, or how I was till recently. I am just me...

This is me, or how I was till recently. I am just me…

Well this is actually an Old blog that I have brought over from another website to freshen, refresh and give a fresh lease on life…damn thats alot of freshness. I am a Second Life blogger, with a serious Picture and Shopping addiction. Since I virtually suck at making things in the virtual world I decided to pull my talents in another direction and see what I can come up with, and this as they say is it. I will be the first to admit that I am not the be all and end all of what beautiful, happening or interesting, what I am though is honest, direct and I hope helpful. Not everyone who read this blog is gonna fly out and buy all the items I feature in it…you may see something you love but its my lipstick or skirt. Not everything I buy is 500L a pop pair of shoes, or a 1L awesomeness. I dont just do that urdan grundge look or the prefect princess gown look. In SL it depends on my Mood and my RP on that day…Yeah I know I am an RPer, in everything from Gor to Post Apolocytic CCS sims and my style changes. Anywho this is more about fun, and pictures…if you see something you like grab it; if you want to know more, IM me(babymcelroy resident) I am never hard to find.

The one thing I do want to do is thank all my Sponsors and People who visited the old site and hope you all enjoy this new one just as much. If you would like to sponsor me, or hook me up with something to blog about, always happy to do so. I am always online and normally able to get a blog done fairly quickly. though sometimes I will post 10 outfits in 1 day and not do anything for the next week, its as my mood strikes or a bargain is found…

Thanks it about me…Enjoy


Photo by B Photograhpy contact Bryxie Resident

Photo by B Photograhpy contact Bryxie Resident

*Giggles* Hiya I am Lilly Bee and I am lucky enough to have been given the position of head Blogger by Baby while shes away. So I taken over the reins and am producing Blogs by the truck load at the moment. I am an Offical blogger for serveral great companies already but always looking for more and I been dropping alot of NC around in world. I am in my 20s and from Aus in my RL, but in SL I am a child of Gor well least that’s my main character. SO when I am not running around behind Bows or Veils I am chillaxing with my Family which is kinda epic-ally big, but yeah thats pretty much me :). My style you will find i very wide ranging from the cutest little to the raging slut I do everything and all in between.

Anyway if you ever a Question or Query IM me in world, if you want to be added as a blogger IM alexandraoftherhine resident. Always happy to chat and help out newbies 🙂

Lilly Bee


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