For the Newbies and the in need of Help…


Killi Blog Noob 2

This morning when I woke up, I looked like the above. This is my normal everyday avatar, it cost me in total with the add-ons, skin, make-up and hair close to 10,000L. Its alot of money, well spent because I think I look awesome, and in this virtual reality the only person who it actually matters to how you look is you. But I went to bed last night with a plan, because I know that you Avi can look beautiful, awesome, and unique for far far less Lindens than that. So I gave myself a budget and a clean slate. The Budget was orignally 1000L, that quickly became 300L when I realised how much stuff I was getting and the options it was opening up for me. 20 minutes into my day around 6:50am EST AUS time this is what I and hundreds of people starting sl, making alts and the like looked like.

Killi Blog Noob 1

The new range of Mesh based avatar’s that are lindens labs starter avi are exceptional compared to what I started out with 3 years ago when I joined SL. There Hair is good, no more invisiprims as foot alphas or skins that didn’t even have the basic lines for contouring. Still these avatars by general consensus should be gone within 48 hours of your first steps into the big wide scary of Second Life.

When I decided to do this the first thing I did was go to one of my favorite groups Big Boobie Babes Freebies and ask them this simple question: What is the biggest mistake Newbies make with there avatar?. Almost universally said was bad shoes, bad hair and no AO. There was a meantion or 2 about bling and my note on that subject is just dont do it, no bling for you or anyone, if you don’t know what bling is, is makes it sparkle like a teenage moody vampire with angst issues. Just Dont Do It!. The other 3 things are super easy to deal with, so now it was time to hit up the market place and get to work seeing what I could come up. with my 350L, my first choice was to knock out over half my budget and spend the median price of 250L for Hair. Now you may thing thats a huge amount, but 1 hair can be a game changer, especially if instead of buying normal 1 colour pack you buy the Naturals or assortment packs that are becoming more and more readily available for the median price through the major Hair Retailers like Truth and Exile.

Killi Blog Noob 3

This is what I came up with. I think shes pretty cute really for how much I spent on the various things. One of my friends said that she even looked better than the almost 8k I spent on the mesh head and body. I didnt alter this body at all, because I wanted those that are inexperienced to see just how easy it is for them to look great for minimal lindens. so you know 350L is around 1.42USD and LL requires a minimum of 2.50USD to make a purchase, imagine what you could do with that amount.

Here are my Rules for making You avi look great on a budget

1. Spend extra on one good hair with multiple colour options, it will take you futher than 10 cheap ugly hairs.

2. Watch your shoes, go for flats, boots, or foot shaper pump rather than colour match table especially when your starting out.

3. Group gifts, Dollarables and Promos are awesome, and normally upto the standard of the creator that makes them. Know your stores and know who to trust with your lindens.

4. Accessories, Make up and Piercing Oh My! these things are great but dont go crazy with them. you don’t need 50 0L piercing coming outta your face. But everything adds your personality to your avi and add what makes you happy not anyone else.

5. No Matter what, Your avi will always look better with the best Accessory in SL near it. Your Friends.

Killi Blog Noob 10

Below is the 5 outfits that I made for today. All Outfits came from ADN Designs, the lovely Adabetha Nayl creations are all awesome. Her prices and ability to keep up with all the mesh body appliers put her a cut above some in so many ways.

Base Avatar

Body: {AIMI} Group Gift January_Lauren_09112013

Skin: {AIMI} Group Gift January_Lauren_09112013

Eyes: .:BND:. Colorfull Eyes Set

Hair: Exile::Letters and Lipstick Naturals (I used 4 colours from the same HUD)

Eyelashes : *BC* Free mesh Eyelashes!

AO: AKEYO_NanoAO_Female_BOX (1L…so many AOs for 1L)

Killi Blog Noob 7

Outfit: [AdN] DARK PRINCESS (Appliers Included)

Make up: .:Glamorize:. Heavy Black Combo  – 3 Makeup Tattoos

Piercings: *P* Unisex Face Piercing U1 ~8 Metals~

Killi Blog Noob 8

Outfit:[AdN] PROVOC (Appliers Included)

Make up: .:Glamorize:. Heavy Black Combo  – 3 Makeup Tattoos


Killi Blog Noob 9

Outfit: [AdN] REALLY?! (Appliers Included)

Shoes: Chuck BLACK – box

Killi Blog Noob 4

[AdN] CUTE LACE (Appliers Included)

Killi Blog Noob 5

Outfit: [AdN] DOLLARBIE CHIC BLACK (Appliers Included)

I used the shoes from the first outfit with all the others unless shoes are listed.

Now here is the important question, How much did all this come to exactly, let me total it up for you.

Hair: 250L

Shape and Skin: 1L

Eyes: 20L

All outfits: 1L each

Face Piercings: 20L

Bracelet: 1L

Chucks: 20L

Total: I wonder what I can do with the other 33L I have, till next time.

Be Safe xoxo


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