Cirque De Seraphim – Fair to support the ASPCA


3 days ago when I came back to SL and was loading up on my firestorm, it gave a little advertisement as it does regarding a current fair, Cirque De Seraphim. So I decided to go for a wonder to see what I could find, boy did I find some great stuff. The first thing that should be mentioned that made me so happy was the fact that there was almost no lag what so ever on the sims, even at sim crossing I wasn’t ending up in the ground or anything like that. It was my second favorite thing, the first was the Sims set up itself a 3 teir arena style set up, made with the circus theme decorated to support there creators with items you could actually buy on sim. That makes is so much easier when you see things you like. I collected alot, alot of things while at the fair not limited to clothes, Gatchas, Furniture, Poses with props and the Stuffies. So Many Stuffies. Its like a kids wonderland there, and completely kid friendly as well. Here are a few of the Wonderful things I brought home with me.

Killi Blog Cirque De Seph 4

Killi Blog Cirque De Seph 5 Killi Blog Cirque De Seph

The Kissing both made by Culprit is amazing, it animated for couples to kiss, chat and even slap. I chose the rustic looking version so that it could go into a perfect little nook at my place when its going to be until I move again. The stuffies are made my various people, the ones in the picture come from [geek]. {Mango Cheeks} .{PSYCHO:Byts}. and {Cat Circus} go and take a look at there stores, all these where straight purchases no gatchas which means the colour options you take home are your choice :D. Last of all is probabley my favorite thing, the rustic Dance floor made by Frogstar. Its simple elegant and wonderfully done, with lights that look illuminated at night time, but still match the day as well. All round I would say that the quality of the Cirque De Seraphim Fair is very high. You have you chance to go and add some of these things or all of them to your inventory between the 6th and 26th of November so get a wiggle on and go take a look. Remember that 50% of all purchases and the donation jars around the 2 sim set up go to the ASPCA, so far they have raised 430,000L or around $1750.00USD, Awesome effort to the people who set this up and organized the event!

Cirque De Seraphim is located at

Be Safe


PS if you look closely in one of the pictures you will see a hint for my next post!


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