Hi there…Everyone always comes back.


Hi Everyone,

After almost being gone and not really into blogging for close on a year. I decided that its time I got back into it, All the fun, fairs and favorite stores of secondlife. So this is my creative expression for the time being anyway, Something to distract me when I just cant take anymore Star Wars the Old Republic raiding or Studying for my University degree. I am starting off small and hoping that people like what they see and what I do. The Brats Blog is back, Any comments, suggestions, critiques and item offers can be posted in the comments or hit me up in world Killing Ink (killingink resident), I have a mail box at my house if you want to drop stuff there, just watch the mess I am the worst decorator in SL :P. Not on constantly but on often enough, I am on East Australian time so i get back to you as and when i can. Please we aware that this blog will range now for cool things I find weather is be clothes or dance floors, This is SL and its where we live our dreams that cant come true in the real.

Anyway, I will be going back to some of my awesome previous sponsors, there creators and items where awesome and bringing them back for you. Plus what ever other goodies I find.

Be safe



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